About Dee Bridges

Age Is Only A Number



First and foremost my most proud achievement has been my role as a mom.    My time on this earth has been filled with many roles and even more hats to wear, and I have worn them proudly. My time has not been spent being idle. My 20-year career as a Cable and Communication Engineer has provided me with a strength that I believe most women do not get. After retiring I was asked back for another year to help with a new project and of course, I said yes. It was a great company with great people. After this contract, I began to take a new outlook on what I would like to immerse myself in that gives me great joy.


We have been sailors for approximately 10 years and through our love of this, we have taught ourselves how to take an old neglected boat and give it new life. And each year we would find ourselves looking for another project to help us learn more and more about the complete workings of a boat,  boat preservation became our love. I have volunteered my self to organizations to assist in teaching about sailing and water safety, We also teach and assist in the restoration of or repair of someone’s vessel.

Vessel Restorations


I am not sure what the future holds as far as employment but every day I try to learn something new and take everything I’m interested in and gain knowledge from it, I have many skills and plenty of room to learn more.

This is me and I hope that hard work perseverance is the thing you see here with me.

I will not quit until the job is done. If you’re looking for an individual that has a huge range of skills and the capability of learning new skills with ease then stop here and present me your job and I will make a team member you can count on. Age is only a number so look past the birth year and look forward to every year with a professional motivated one of a kind.